"A sheriff's shootout turns into an adventure through the wondrous world of film."

Together with two good friends and co-directors Diederick Geers and Jasper Loos, the Ultrakort initiative gave us the opportunity to realize our animated short film "Cliffhanger". Besides directing, I was responsible for writing the story and developing the visual style of the film.

This film was made in the context of Ultrakort, a collaboration of the Netherlands Film Fund, Fonds 21 and Vue Cinemas.

©Valk Productions/Anikey
Direction: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers, Jasper Loos
Scenario: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers
Art direction: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers
Character design: Geert Rutten
Colour scripts: Karin van Zon
Valk Productions
Producer: Richard Valk
Assistent producer: Eline van Hagen
Production-assistent: Jasper Loos​​​​​​​
Line producer: Janneke Meekes
Direction-assistent: Albert 't Hooft
Layouts, backgrounds: Jelle Brunt
Character animation, rigging: Lieke Wouters
Compositing, editing: Witte van der Tempel
Bob Kommer
Sound design, geluidsmix: Jeroen Nadorp
Music: Jeroen Jaspers, Bas van Win, Devin de Vries
Nederlands Film Festival, The Netherlands (2020)
Cinekid, The Netherlands (2020)

Palm Springs International Animation Festival, USA (2020)
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (2021)

Sonoma International Film Festival, USA (2021)