"A sheriff's shootout turns into an adventure through the wondrous world of film."

Together with two good friends and co-directors Diederick Geers and Jasper Loos, the Ultrakort initiative gave us the opportunity to realize our animated short film "Cliffhanger". Besides directing, I was responsible for writing the story and developing the visual style of the film.

This film was made in the context of Ultrakort, a collaboration of the Netherlands Film Fund, Fonds 21 and Vue Cinemas.
Direction: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers, Jasper Loos
Scenario: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers
Art direction: Jelle Janssen, Diederick Geers
Character design: Geert Rutten
Colour scripts: Karin van Zon
Valk Productions
Producer: Richard Valk
Assistent producer: Eline van Hagen
Production-assistent: Jasper Loos​​​​​​​
Line producer: Janneke Meekes
Direction-assistent: Albert 't Hooft
Layouts, backgrounds: Jelle Brunt
Character animation, rigging: Lieke Wouters
Compositing, editing: Witte van der Tempel
Bob Kommer
Sound design, mix: Jeroen Nadorp
Music: Jeroen Jaspers, Bas van Win, Devin de Vries
Nederlands Film Festival, The Netherlands (2020)
Cinekid, The Netherlands (2020)

Palm Springs International Animation Festival, USA (2020)
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (2021)

Sonoma International Film Festival, USA (2021)
ONE Country ONE Film, France (2021)
Zuidelijk Film Festival, The Netherlands (2021)

Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo (2021)
LA Shorts International Film Festival, USA (2021)
Anima International Animation Festival, Argentina (2021)